The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling – A Review

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The Main Damie


Making a film costs a lot, both literally and figuratively. It costs time, energy, stress, and, of course, some of that cold hard cash. When the cash isn’t there, yet the movie still gets made, the film is almost definitely built upon sacrifice: actors and actresses getting paid the minimum for just a little bit of exposure, writers and directors that go straight from the set to their day job, and a bunch of volunteers that keep everything afloat until the final product is finished. It’s admirable, to stick with a project that may wind up becoming a negative sum game, as most independent films are.


The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling was completed with a budget of $5,000, and while it may not look like a movie that the Marvel Cinematic Universe may produce, for $5,000, it looks pretty good. It tells the story of a group of amateur…

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